What We Do

Executive Search

We are known for our fast and pro-active services using our global team who work 24/7 across the globe ensuring Quality and not Quantity. We provide 3-5 top candidates for every single position within a very short timescale.

Recruiting Expert

We assign the task with specific recruitment consultants based on industry specialism who study the client first and understand their needs. They are experts in the market and the roles available and know where and to find them.

How We do it

Dragon Recruiting is fully equipped with all modern state-of-art technology, more than other competitors do have, saving time and ensuring quality over quantity. All candidates are thoroughly filtered by putting through an intensive screening system. A quick interview is carried out to understand the personality and the level of communication.


Our 500+ expert recruitment consultants use a proven methodology including social media and business network eg. LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Search, professional group and directories as well as using the power of Candidate Referrals.



Psychometric Test

In order to ensure the new staff adapts in a new environment, there is some employers to pass the candidates through a series of tests such as Personality Test, Aptitude Test and Skill Test. At clients’ request, we perform these tests via our own platform https://brightassessment.com


Job Board

Dragon Recruiting has added advantage having access to its inhouse large global Job Board to place jobs, finding candidates from it’s huge database – https://Dynastyjobs.com, which is a part of the Dragon Group Corporation.