Construction Recruitment

Connecting the right talent with the right companies

Dragon Construction Recruitment Services is recognised for its excellence in providing workers to the well-known global construction projects. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the construction and engineering world that makes us one of the best recruitment consultancies in the world. We offer you an approachable and engaging experience.

We are the construction and engineering recruitment experts our sourcing strategy and outcome are second to none. We just don’t match skills on the CV, we look into the candidates' profile for the best fit in the culture and environment too.

How do we do it?

A quality construction recruitment is heavily reliant on the global workers. We have the capability and global reach to source top quality candidates worldwide at advantaged pricing.

We follow two methods for sourcing candidates. We source through our partners in over 50 countries. They are the best headhunters and bring the best candidates at the shortest possible time. We also target candidates through selective and targeted recruiting, networking, database searching and advertising.

We work closely with our clients to bring the best talent through a step by step process.

Requirement Prerequisite

We give the opportunity to listen and understand your company’s business needs, culture, environment and the job requirements.


Our recruiters tap their industry knowledge and extensive networks to identify and qualify the most suited candidates for your requirements.


Our experts screen each candidate beyond just a resume or work history to know and understand the best fit in the company and the location.


To complete the hiring process, we ensure all paperwork are verified before the employee starts.


We stay in touch with the clients to ensure continues performance improvement.

We work constantly to maintain a reputation for providing excellent customer service to all our clients. Many of our new clients join us through referrals from existing clients, serving as a testament to our success and the quality of our construction workers.